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The Dark Caster harnesses ethereal energy for your desires.
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The only psionic software with dark orgone energy linkup to physical devices.
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Rapid effects due to scalar engine, egregore library and sacred geometry algorithm. Results in a day!

Powered By DOR

The software will never draw your personal energy. A special transmission from negative energy generators keep the software powered for life.

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Your team may release updates on occasion. The software auto updates! And we’re giving away free unlimited clash of clans free gems as well the best iphone 6 and 7 spy apps!

Remote Influence. So easy.

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Recreate Reality in Seconds.

The Psionic Software uses sacred geometry algorithm and a remote orgone link to flood your desire with the energy of creation. What you wish becomes real.

Step 1

Identify your desire. Know the who, what where when. Specifics bolster success.

Step 2

Activate the sigils representing your desire. Select the energy music for good measure.

Step 3

Once all images and frequencies are set up, run the software as long as you want. Energy makes dreams real.

Ave. Manifestation Days

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Negative Green Energy


Entropy Energy

Works Great with Welz Chi Generators

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